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-Proudly presents 3rd Party Norns!-

If you have made a custom norn of your own why not send them in here to show everyone!?BUT your norn/creature only qualifies if they satisfy a few/all of these criteria .......

Table of Slots

A C1 Flappy Ear Norns
B C1 White Hair Norns
C C1 Spike Hair/Blonde Hair Norns
D Urgh ok this slot has just came out and I think it was URGH! CL has actually reused the 97 santa Norn Sprite and worst it didn't even come with a female partner grrrrr.....!
E C1 Purple Mountain Norn
F C1 Forest Norns
G C1 Ron norns
H The normal norn which the male and female look alike but different tone of color! (Resembles the Mernorn's Head)
I The Green Norn Breed where the females has curly hair!
J The White Hair Norns
K Golden Desert Norns
M Mernorns(But it is in danger of being overwritten!)
T I am reserving this slot for my 3 Eyes Norns!

The Mernorns are the 1st 3rd Party Norns to be in line!They are created by Wafaru and Lis Moris. But they might be in danger of being overwritten by Cyberlife for the new Life Kit Desert Norns are already using slot K,so next online will be L,M,N,O and P.....CL will most probably touch on all these and maybe even Q or R, but I am sure Lis and Wafaru will do something about it! I have them in my system and I kind of like them but they have problem changing color I think ......since I don't get any other colored Mernorns.
Download Here