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-Sleepy Pie's Favourite Game next to My Little Pony Pet game-

Hi everyone! My name is Sleepy Pie, I love to play virtual pet games and all of the games I own are all virtual pets like CatZ,DogZ,OddballZ,MLP CD-ROM,Creatures and now Creatures 2! What I love most about C2 is the plush it came with! I am now saving hard hoping to buy a copy of it for the purple bean plush,Blueberry! I am part of the Early Adoption Program held by Mindscape, and so I got a brown plush instead, I named it Wildberry and hopes to get him a companion one day! Normally I just call my plush by the name Nornie....and I enjoy putting him beside my beanie babies and other beanie plushes.

Take A Look At My Wildberry!

When C2 started out it sucked I must say, but I am VERY gald that Cyberlife put in a lot of effort to make it better and better! There was a problem with the genome and the Norns became Short Life Norns, plus the world was full of bugs, it made playing very unpleasant! But as time went on, more stuff came out, and the game became really fun, maybe a lot more better than C1! Now many came up with colored norns,ettins and grendles, even more impressive ones made COBs which alters the world so that your Ettins and Grendles could breed , people like Frimlin made Ettinorns, and Grons(whatever way you spell it ack!) which are actually Norns in Ettin or Grendy suit(love it)! Not long ago, Lis Moris(created Gill Norns too) and Wafaru(a great artist I just hope she would bring her Uni Norns to live) joint effort to make a completely new breed called Mernorns(simply as the name suggest it's norns which are half fish), then came Canny(means smart)Norns which are existing norn breed with altered genes to make them smarter by Lis Moris(again...LOL...jk...Lis) and Chris Double! Last of all my favourites are ...hiak..hiak......none other than the Party Norns from the Creatures Shack! I was rather disappointed by the Xmas Norn from CL so i downloaded the Xmas Norns from the shack,I restarted my world and imported the 2, now my world is crowded with them!

Look at this, her name is Pai! She is a Sanjiyan Unkara (the 3 eyes one)! I am now looking for help on the genes and making a slot for these norns. If you could help email me at


This is an ancient breed of norns.....know as the Sanjiyan(pronounced as Sanzan) another words the 3 eyes tribe. The norn are borned with their 3rd eye closed and it won't open until the norn reaches youth!But as the norn grows older, their strength weakens, and thus the 3 eye will have to be once shut again. The females are normally nice most of the time.....but can be real mean when she means business for the males they are suppose to be all time warriors. As a proud tribe and an independent one, the eggs are often left to hatch on their own and babies have to take care of themselves the moment they are born.....but Sanjiyan Norns do love to socialize though. Most of the time very little of them survive through their journey of live, although they are suppose to be a long live tribe!The younger Sanjiyans often develope double personalities which leads them to frequent dizziness or sadness or even anger, while the older ones becomes becomes very callous and most of them lost their memory which leads them to events like forgetting how to eat which cause hunger to be an eternal problem (they forget to to put food into their mouth when eating and stuff)......I think that's all........ .

Er.....I know it sounds disgusting but I do have this in mind! I need someone who knows genetics tinkering to help me while all I can do is to get hold of the pic of a poop!I heard that C1 is a CAN but not sure about C2 but I am sure it is a OK! If you think you can help email me at Lummox JR once told me that making a norn poop is good as making a new breed I don't really understand that but I thought it won't harm for those of us who wishes to see norns who poops.......tee hee.....right!?