This is my own page dedicated to the coolest life on PCs! It is a"game" named CREATURES.There are many people who are crazy over this cool cool thing and I would not sit and stare!

Just exactly what is Creatures?

Creatures is a so called game by people whereby you can breed a group of creature called NORNS!They looked very cute and cuddly,just like the Care Bears.They each have their own look and characteristics which makes them special,but like all movies and cartoons,there will be bad guys;and like nature,there would be other species!Cyberlife has created another type of species in the land of norns(named Albia),the GRENDLES!

As for the rest,I would not want to bored you by saying too much,but if you want to know more,you can visit the Creatures official website!


Coloured Mountain norns coming up soon!(Peach,Black and Grey)


I've created a resort for norns to enjoy themselves,but it's a super big file.It would take a long time to load.I'll put it up for download when I got enough web space.

Right now,if you want to send your norns for a holiday,then send thehereand give me your e-mail so that I can give them back to you.(One person is limited to max 2 norns and your norn can only stay up to the most of three days so that other norns will have a chance.)

There are only six rooms and if possible a seventh.It's something like a hotel and hopefully it will be and another good thing is that there's no weed and grendles here.By the way grendles are allowed here,but if he/she creates trouble,then they'll have to GET OUT!(NO CREATURES WILL BE PAT OR BEATEN BY THE HAND;THE HAND IS JUST AN USHER!)

If your norn(or if possible,your grendle) gets married or gives birth in his or hers holiday,their offspring and partner will be send to you too!(A good place for norns to socialize!)

Screenshot may come up!

oI love to live close to nature and so I've tons of COBs of herbs to my world!

Click this link to enter

Herb Garden

I love the Mountain Norn's body and I had done something BAD!