This my download section named Herb Garden.Here I've made lots of herb cobs and others from the web!Feel free to get them for your norns.As you can clearly see that this place is named Herb Garden for mostly what is here are herbs!Sometimes I'm NUTS enough to make weeds for fun and to give my norns some tutorial.

(Note that COBs with the word "local" are made by myself!)



Look at this apple,norns will enjoy the taste of the juicy apples growing on it!

This is a chilly plant,good for beautifying your world for norns will seldom pay attention to it when they have other things around.(sorry I seemed to have lost this COB if anyone has it pls email me one so that I can put it up for download).

This herb is called Echina!Norns will love it!

Norns love to go behind this plant and suck its honey!(local)

The Love Herb is created by myself,it makes norns lonely and need XXX(shame)!(local)

This herb is not edible! BUT the soft petals makes your norns feel very warm and comfortable that they will fall asleep! (local)

Yummy plant which makes norns feel cool on a very hot day.

Kinda nice but not very attractive to norns!

The Shitake mushroom is a good treat for norns and it'll only grow in dark places.The place under the end of the falls where the raft passage is will be a good place for this plant to grow,ESPECIALLY when norns love to loiter there,at least they won't feel hungry!

This is called the Suma.

These plant are already in Albia but you can have more if you want,they all use the same class!

A Grape vineyard!

This my own creation too and it's call the Star Herb.It's suppose to twinkle and then able to be eaten by norns but it can't twinkle,wait till I get enough knowledge of how to make the one I want!If anyone can make it,go ahead and modify it. (local)

A pear tree which grows beside the Morning Glory herb.

I think this is called the Impatient plant and I just think it's beautiful!

Weeds!These are weeds!So please be careful in handling them for I just put them up for download so as give your norns some tutorial on weeds!


More Herb COBs are Welcome!


These are the Mummy and Baby Sea ponies!You'll know them if you are a MLP fan!They work like the Albian beetles but spins with more style which makes norns very fascinated!(local) <The best way to play this COB is to place a few at the sea where the boat will pass by to take norns to the Island,then you can see norns very facinated to see the sea ponies flying around!>

This is a dragonfly which flies around Albia!

Norns now can have a fish pet in their own home!

This frog will hop round Albia and make your norns excited.

I've modified the 98 MLP to a flutter pony!(local)

This Pegasus will fly around Albia too!(local)

This is my favourite little cat Neko and after a hard work of format converting,I finally got it into a COB sprite and now can be a good companion for your norns!(local)

More Weird COBs are Welcome!


I've made a bee hive for quick refill!

This is my own made hootch and honey with more nutrition and makes norn very happy.When finished,the hand just need to pick it up and it will automatically be refilled.

These are the milkbotlle for your norns and there's a cow to refill the bottle a great COB you must have!The milkbottle and the cows are in two separate .zips,so please clip on the individual pictures of the 2 to download the COB.

I was asking Lummox about the possibility of making a bed cob and he said that it's possible and started off to make one and here it is a cozy bed for your norns to sleep in!

Add some of the OCCUPANTS of Herb Garden! to your own world!