Occupants of Albia

In here you can find the norns living in Herb Garden.These little norns have Purple Mountain norn's body and heads of a normal norn.Together they had formed a new tribe!

Why must they have the PM norn body?
The first time when I downloaded the PM norns,I was jealous!Jealous over their beautiful purple body.Then I looked at my own norns plain body,I didn't like.I have an idea!I'm going to cross breed them and let my norns get the body.After many generations and generations I still cannot get the tail and one day a miracle happened,I got it!It was my first and she was named Rosedust.Then I used Nornist to get the male version.Same to the flappies except for the hairies,I got the male one first.I was so happy and was eager to share these cute little things with other proud parents.

Warning:The Mountain norns and the Santa norn must be installed before playing with these norns or you'll only get normal norns!

The norns below are all newborns,Unnamed and educated(unless other wise stated)!All of them came in pairs except those being specified.

These are the original Mountain norns which you can download from Cyberlife! They are for download too.These are newborns and are <unnamed>. If you those which you have to start all over to teach them too speak,well then these are for you!They speak English and know quite a number of words.

These are the flappy ears breed.I call them the Mountain Flappies and they sure are cute.Just to assure you,they are not genetically altered but given birth naturally,but just being CLONED as babies.(Thanx to Nornist for allowing me to achieve that!)

As for these I call them the hairy breed for they are the only breed with males and females with obvious seen hair(while flappies have none and spikes' males looks more like spikes than hair).These will then shall be called the Mountain Hairies!Love them!But the hairies seemed to have a different walking pose from other norns(I think it's because of their parents).

The last breed is the spike breed(the name originated from the males since they have spike like hair and it's impossible for me to call them blonde breed for the males 100% cannot be blonde).This breed to what I notice are more intelligent and more patient!A good breed to go for.Hail to the Mountain Spikes!

These are the Mountain Santas,they now come in both sex(s). If you have downloaded the body parts of the new Santa and female Santa,then they'll look like the above.To get their body parts and sprites go to Santa Project!
(This time the Santa comes in pairs too,with the two norns registered as Santa and Holly,ENJOY!)

The New Norns

!Wow! The Mountain Rons are finally here and I suppose they still have their "Fight or Flight" gene.Anyway they are still good!
(These two came back with their original name Foxy and Vixy.)

Besides the Rons,we have the Mountain Forest too!Wee! They look much better than before don't they?
(These two too retain their orginal name,Sid and Nancy.)

Download this COB world I "made" for my Mountain NORNS!


Surpurize Norns

I've edited the gene of this norn in such a way that you'll get unexpected norns.Download it for a SURPRIZE!

I name the first male Alan and the female Anita!Alan is the one given breed him for a surprize!


New Breeds

After fiddling with the *.att files for quite a while,I tried to make a new breed of norn to fill in the last empty slot for fun.Under the genkit,it'll be ID 9 for appearence.It's not completed,but I'll try to complete it,but it still works!The sprites aren't very nice,and I swopped the body parts of the male and female norns.
Download the new male norn
Download the new fmale norn

Baby Face!

Do you want all your norns to look like babies forever?Then go to the Creatures Image folder and remove all the letter numbered sprited(eg a402.spr), except letters starting with 0 at the 1st number place!(eg a(1st--->**0**00,anything more than 0 for **,remove it). These range from a-z and males have 1 while females have 4 for the 1st number.Do not remove any with numbering of 500 and 100.If you're not sure,dont try!

Any Questions or Giving Voluntary Help?

E-mail me at chewbies@hotmail.com