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Cyberlife This is the official page of Creatures 2, you can find add-ons, updates and new breeds of norns over there! A good place to start off with!
The Norn Underground One of my favourite site! It has lots of good stuff up there and a popular message board plus some good utilities to aid you in making COBs, sprite images and so on!
Frimlin's Page A superb page! This is one of my favourite too! Frimlin has got many different colored and breeds of norns, a worthy page to visit!I download most of my stuff off there, he has quite a few great COBs too!
Adventures in Nornsitting! I love this site! This site belongs to Wafaru and she is the one who made the mernorn's sprites!
The Palace of The Shee When it comes to making new breeds, how can we leave out Lis Moris!? She is the one who helps Wafaru in making the Mernorns come true, and she is famous for her new genome!A worthy site to look at too!
BobCoB This is the best place to download the GREAT utility BoBCoB! I use it to in helps me to convert lots of stuff for C2 and it allows you to switch from normal to 4$blueberry mode and back!
Dutch Norn's Page This is my friend Dutch Norn's Page! I managed to bookmark his nav_bar only : -_-'!Please bear with it.....heh heh......... .
C2 Archive This is a great place to look for C2 files and related stuff! I found most of my COBs there!
Mankind A site with not much of impressive norns....... but Mankind has made some impressive COBs!