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Loser Grendel

It was a bright and sunny morning. The flowers bloom lavishly while the breeze came along to provide them a little swaying excercise. The surrounding was peaceful and calm, giving anyone who came here a serene feeling. Wiggles(the hand) was took his 30th naturally hatched newborn, Xemers out to explore. Suddenly out of nowhere a new breed of norn suddenly popped out of the nearby forest(it was never seen before). It was all milk white with silky mane, a lion like tail and finally an outstanding looking golden horn on it's forehead. Despite being able to walk on two legs, the norn prefered to crawl on fours. It seemed to love mother nature and was extremely gentle towards plants and animals. Wiggles and Xemers watched on.

"Elbia puth flower!" said the unicorn norn.

Then it's attention was diverted to a flying butterfly.

"puth butterfly puth!love nature!" it muttered while reaching out for the butterfly.

While playing, the norn suddenly gave a snarl. It's expression changed and was in ready-to-fight position. Unicorn Norns have sharp instincts that sense approaching danger easily, and it must have sensed someone was watching it. It was true. Other than Wiggles and Xemers, among the oppsite thick bushes, was a Stripe grendel watching quietly. These grendels are known as tiger for short and they are violent! They attack any norns or ettins they see and a blow from it's sharp and fatal claw could send a creature straight to heaven!

The grendel emerged from the bush, knowing that he was being discovered. It came face to face with the unicorn norn, smiling maliciously and exhibiting his sharp, well-polished claws. He was big, mean and UGLY!

The grendel charged at the unicorn norn to think that he'll win, but much to everyone's surprise, the horn of the unicorn gave the grendel a zap and send him running away!

The unicorn norn was left alone, whlist Wiggles and Xemers started chuckling. Oh, what a loser that grendel was!