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Just Norns Presents, my own norns(or other creatures), and that's all nothing extraordinary! AND please DO NOT send me any norns for download unless it's really a cool norn or something, I'll only be putting up my own norns for download then! Plus please do not send me any of my norn's descendants but I would be interested to know what happened to them :)

Hi basically all I have in Albia are just these norns which I've downloaded from The Creatures Shack . The reason why I've only breed them is because 1.They are not Hatchery Weaklings 2.They seldom slap each other 3. They smile most of the time 4.Xmas was near 5. They are heavy breeders and nicely colored 6. They lead a life like a C1 norn not a @#$%^&*( C2 norn!

I started my C2 with Rudy and Carol, they had a daughter 10 minutes after they reached adolescent. They and a few other norns in The Creatures Shack are Party Norns which I love very much, but Xmas Norns are my personal favourite! Before I could import anymore norns, my Albia's already crowded with descendants of Rudy and Carol, until recently when I started to let norns move on their outside the incubator, many were drowned to death! So then I decided to bring them back to the incubator. Most of the norns I have for download are Xmas Norns which are many generations down from Rudy and Carol.It's the 6th generation now so most of what I have are 6th gen norns but since my norns weren't crossed with any norns I doubt there's any or very little mutations, anyway they are still great breeders and eaters! I have just imported another Party Norn to enter the Xmas Tribe, but the male norn's from the Berry Tribe, hehehe....the males of this tribe share the same color as those males from the Xmas Tribe(they all have the same kind of genes) but wait till I get some other colored norns, then will I add in more norns!

This is Frost from the Berry Tribe whom I have just imported this morning, he was "adopted" and since he looked like any other male norns in Albia, nobody treated him like an outcast! See how popular he is with all the babes swarming at him, I bet he's walking away for he couldn't handle all of them at one time hehehe! His fostered mum's Merriweather, a 4th gen norn. Oh yes forgot to add something......Frost's not for download, but his descendants will, if he ever have any LOL!Again....he's not sterile you know!


Hewwo my name is Stardust please adopt me!


Hi my name is Goldilocks! I was derived from 2 spliced norns, Magical Breeze(a Xmas female Norn) and a unnamed male Gill Norn by Lis Moris.When I was born, my color was a near gold dark yellow, so then I was named Goldilocks except that I do not have locks...hehehe, if you want to put me up on your page, read the README file first!Plus you must use my banner if you want to put me on your page!